How Tradebank Works

Tradebank provides a platform where business can trade what they have for what they need with the assistance of a personal Trade Broker who specialized in marketing your business and finding attractive buying opportunities for you new found revenue. Utilizing Barter as a means to saving your company a lot of money, not only on your business items, but your personal items as well. Barter has been a form of conducting business for thousands of years. Bartering was first instituted as a one on one trade. I trade my goods or services for your goods or services. That was fine as long as you need the goods or services you were trading you goods or services for. Tradebank takes this concept to a much higher level. Now you can Barter/Trade your goods or services to as many as 500 Businesses locally and thousands nationally.

There are may great Bartering opportunities within the Tradebank network. A great opportunity is the Advertising Category. Now a small business who is a Tradebank member can Barter his or her goods and services for Advertising, we have Print, Radio, TV, Website, Magazine, Coupon services just to name a few. Now a small business can utilize these Advertising venues without outlaying a huge cash payment. Using your Barter Dollars not only keeps the cash in your account where you need it, but it allows you to Advertise when you can’t afford to utilize you hard earned cash.

The Benefits of Utilizing Barter as a Means of Payment Are Many:

When using your Barter dollars you will soon find out many doors that were not previously open to your business and family will open up. You will increase your standard of living almost right away! I’m not kidding, that getaway you and your wife so desperately want and need will suddenly be possible. Those Glasses you or another family member need will be available. That car repair you’ve been putting off is now possible. Never seem to be able to justify spending money to eat out? With Tradebank’s many Restaurants on Trade that isn’t a problem at all. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of giving you all of the advantages to being a Tradebank Member.

When you use Tradebank to barter your goods and services you enable yourself to purchase goods at your Wholesale Cost! That means if you want to spend your Trade dollars on a service, you get to purchase that service or product using your Actual Wholesale Cost! Whatever the actual cost percentage of the goods you bartered, is the % of discount you are purchasing the service or goods for. Doesn’t that sound good?

Isn’t There a Catch:

Well, in order for your local Tradebank to keep it’s doors open, pay the employees, light bills, etc. For Tradebank International to keep it’s doors open, operate it’s websites, provide a special account site just for you that keeps track of all transactions you make from day one of your account it does take just a little bit of cash from you. But when you add up the benefits, and subtract the cash you pay, it’s still a no brainer!

It’s a Two Way Street

Tradebank is a two-way street…We work diligently to help your business grow and ask that you reciprocate by helping us grow…If every client would introduce Tradebank to one person each month, your trading network with grow exponentially!

What business owners do you know who are looking for additional customers? Please introduce them to your Tradebank Regional Owner.

Tradebank and our trading partners working together to ensure each other’s success!